How to make your computer faster ?

faster computer

By following some simple steps, you can actually increase the speed of your Windows computer and help it in running efficiently and smoothly. Here are certain essential tips of how to make your computer faster, while keeping it in the most workable condition. Free up...

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How to control mobile phone spam ?

Mobile Phone scam - Spam text message

                  With the increasing number of internet spam these days, there has been a significant rise in mobile phone scams as well. While your privacy settings and security connection can help you get rid of the junk...

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Which Drugs Are Useful for Weight Loss ?


According to statistics, many people are dealing with above their average and ideal weight. Hence, they are termed as in the obese stage. It affects men and women alike as well as children and adults. Obese persons accounts to a significant mortality and morbidity rate...

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How Take Backup WordPress Blog Using Dropbox ?

wordpress backup using dropbox

WordPress is the biggest blogging platform and it is available for free to everyone. When you install wordpress in your webpage you always must have a backup of your website because, what if a hacker breaches into your website and delete all the information and...

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