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How to Root Sony Xperia Tipo Android SmartPhone ?

This Time we Bring a Tutorial for you -> How to Root Sony Xperia Tipo or Xperia Tipo Dual Android SmartPhone. So now Ready to Root your Xperia Tipo Android Smartphone

Recently Sony added an excellent product to the existing list whilst Sony Xperia Tipo. The smart-phone has come up during a time when Android and its Apps have almost swapped the world altogether. The time has come when advanced technologies are ruling over smart-phones have come up in all pockets. The Smart-phone is packed up with exclusive features added to it such as 800 MHz Processor, with an internal memory expandable up to 32 GB. Thus, making it to be renamed a mini- laptop sort of equipment, user friendly and sophisticated!

Why Rooting Is, done in Android Phones?

Mainly all carriers are known to lock up their handsets making it cumbersome for customers to move onto other providers. This provokes the users to be restricted when it comes to using the voice plans often by imposing software limitations. Perhaps the only alternate left is acquiring root access to fix and break away with the restrictions imposed!

Now in order to introduce ROM to the device, there is the latest technical advancement being used known as Rooting Sony Xperia Tipo Android Phone. Perhaps, rooting becomes mandatorily necessary to unlock the boot-loader, as well.


  • Sony Xperia Tipo.
  • Pc with all the required drivers on board.
  • USB Cable.
  • Rooting Software.
  • Proper Working Internet connection.

Well in order to start with the rooting principle the rooting software running on the Pc with all the drivers installed is mandatorily required. Connector in the form of USB cable when plugged in to the USB port will be hooked on to the phone and thus; the rooting shall be accomplished. One precaution you could take is to ensure your cell-phone is minimum 60% charged.

Procedure adhered while you Root Sony Xperia TIPO Android Smart-Phone.

  • This might not be necessary, but if you have important and crucial data it is advisable to take the backup. You surely wouldn’t appreciate loosing upon or making your important data gets corrupted!
  • Download of Xperia TIPO Package software onto the computer and extracting the files to get the software.
  • The next step is simply the same as you do while copying songs downloaded onto your desktop. Attaching your Xperia onto the computer is required followed by opening up “RunMe.bat” exec file!
  • Release onto number 4 and the online instructions followed shall take you to prompt of whether you have successfully rooted the device!

Significance of Rooting.

  • Since rooting is becoming necessarily vital with all the latest Smart-phones especially Android Phones, you can fix as much customs ROM Firmware to them.
  • This includes latest features such as Jelly-Bean 4.1.1.
  • Moving over to other provider, thus unlocking your smart-phone of the existing service providers’ restrictions.

Rooting the smart-phones might seem quite interesting and easier task to be done. Yet, it makes the phone to be broken up by any foolish terminal commands. Seekers use it for making their 1G phones work and function faster, but it is advisable for those who have comparative knowledge about Linux Systems and Terminals!

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  1. Hemanth says:

    are all d software for sony xperia updated???useful article btw!!

  2. ferdz says:

    i followed the procedure i open the Readme.bat then connect my Cp to the PC. then i select “4″ and a message prompt. it says ” Please connect mobile with USB debugging enable now….” i check the USB debugging and still my nothing happens to my unit. Please help me.. thanks

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