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How to help the poor and needy People ?

If you have a soft corner for the unprivileged people of the society, it is essential to understand how to help the poor and needy in the most appreciative manner. You first need to determine what are your resources for such help, and how you can extend such help to the poor. Apart from donating in various charities and distributing clothes, food and other necessities to the poor, there are several other ways that will help you in understanding how to help the poor and needy. Apart from the monetary help, you can also extend physical assistance in helping the needy, as well as finding various programs and projects designed towards helping the poor and needy.

  1. Ask the various charitable organizations and even the needy what sort of help they actually need before extending such help towards them. Most of the times, your physical assistance can worth much more your monetary help. There are some people who just need someone to motivate and share their pains. Just talking and sharing with these people can actually work wonders for them.
  2. Learn how to help the poor and needy without hurting their dignity and self-esteem. It is better to donate money anonymously, and never boast of your help and charity. This undermines your purpose of helping the poor.
  3. Donate and contribute physically into charitable projects which you actually think can make a difference. Help actively by raising funds, organizing various projects and programs for development of the poor, and the like.
  4. Donate For natural Disasters


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