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How to delete songs from Google Music Library ?

Have you become bored of listening to the same songs in your Google Music Library?? It’s time that you delete the songs that you rarely listen, and refresh the library with fresh new songs.  Well, it is most simple and convenient to remove the songs or albums that you do not listen. Check out with some of the most important and simpler steps to delete songs from your Google music library:


  • You first need to log into your Google Music Beta account
  • After you have successfully logged into the music library, go to the section for albums and songs. Go to the song or album that you want to delete
  • You will find a triangle menu button on the right side of the album or song that you want to delete
  • A number of menu options will appear; click “Delete song/album” to remove the specific song or album from the Google Music Library
  • To delete multiple Numbers , click on a song to select, and then press on Shift key, and select other songs or albums that you wish to delete, by holding on to the Shift key
  • You can also press Ctrl key and manually select individual songs

Likewise, you can also learn how to delete songs from Google Music Library that are downloaded for free. Click on the “free songs” option of the “Auto Playlists” from “My Library” tab; select songs and delete.

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